William's Places: Drivers Beware: You CAN Be Fined For Driving Through A Yellow Light!!!

Drivers Beware: You CAN Be Fined For Driving Through A Yellow Light!!!

Obey all lightsWell, this is what I get for a little hubris on my part L


February 4 was a late opening for school, so I got out of my house at 8:20 and headed to work. It was only a five minute drive. I saw the cop car sitting on the opposite side of the road with no one in it and thought “who got in trouble now?”


I definitely didn’t think it would be me .


I stopped at the stop sign momentarily – it was still icy out and I couldn’t see oncoming traffic at that intersection where the stop sign was - and I stopped again momentarily to verify that there was no traffic coming from my right. I then headed down the hill towards the intersection…


Where the light had just turned yellow! I eased on through it right as it was about to turn red…


Only then did I notice the police cruiser barreling towards me like a pit bull, sirens and lights all ablaze…



I pulled over and got out, wondering, what is this all about?


Never should have done that. I was told to get back into my car, then after what seemed like an eternity, the officer came and stated that I had ran though a stop sign…


Of course I was heated! I was on my way to another great day with the cream of the crop of Waterbury’s best juveniles , and I was being given the business…after the usual procedures took place and I received my ticket, I answered the complaint “not guilty”, put it in my bag, and headed on my way to work.

I had the chance to avoid all of this unpleasantness by simply taking the plea deal for a mere $35.00. After all, I was only being charged with running a stop sign (at least that’s what I thought, as that was the only infraction noted on the ticket).


WRONG!!!!! When I got to the courthouse today, the prosecutor smugly informed me that I was being charged with 3 (yep, three) counts… failure to stop at a stop sign , twice, and failure to stop at a red light…


WHAT??? I quickly composed myself and replied, Ok. I went and took my seat and waited my turn before the judge.


It was the most ridiculous farce of a trial I could have ever been in.


The prosecutor had his intern conduct the case. She didn’t know what she wanted to ask…


Then the officer didn’t know what street he was on initially. He first stated that he was parked on one street, and when I cross examined him regarding that statement, I got cut off – by both the prosecution and the judge-because the officer later stated that he wasn’t on the first street that he mentioned, but did not know what street he was on…


I have to admit, the best part of this was when I questioned the officer about the location of the stop sign and the necessity of having to move beyond the sign in order to see the oncoming traffic. “Objection!” cried the prosecution. “Overruled!” stated the judge. The officer couldn’t even answer that question.


Then there was the fact that the officer didn’t even know what the conditions were that day. He said the road was dr y . Poppycock. There was still patches of ice on the road, and damper than hair fresh out of a shower.


The second charge got changed in mid-trial. The light was yellow when I went through it, and had just tuned red when the officer caught up with me, according to his testimony. But I thought I was being charged with running a red light!!!


The third charge involved him observing me turn into traffic at the top of the hill that he stopped me on – where, according to him, I ran another stop sign. Ridiculous! Have to stop in order to see about oncoming traffic…


Being caught in so many contradictions didn’t really matter. As the judge pointed out, ignorance of the law is not justification. He dismissed the first count, but nailed me on the second and third, to the tune of $289.00, including court costs.



I should have taken that plea deal! L

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Comment balloon 3 commentsWilliam James Walton Sr. • June 15 2009 05:52PM


Hi William: Ouch - never mess with those - always take the deal!!!


Posted by Matt Listro, Your Credit Repair Expert (National Credit Fixers - Matt Listro) about 11 years ago

I guess, you can never win, William. $289 is a lot of money. At least the cop didn't ticket you for talking on the cell phone, or not having the seat belt on, or who knows what else:))

Posted by Joanna Szwyd (StoneHouse Properties) about 11 years ago

I fought a ticket and won.  A friend's husband who was an atty told me to fight it.  In Ohio, at least then as long as I entered on yellow I was fine. 

I went through a yellow light last night and according to the cop at the corner I was going 37 mph in a 25 mile zone when I entered a subdvision from the parkway.  He did NOT give me a ticket or even a formal warning...

$289 I could not afford that... I gotta slow down.


Posted by Maureen McCabe, Columbus Ohio Real Estate (HER Realtors) about 11 years ago