William's Places: Being A Dad and A Realtor - How Do WE Do It?

Being A Dad and A Realtor - How Do WE Do It?

I am reposting this (originally on 4/4/09) on Father’s Day as a tribute to all of the fathers who are fathers indeed – doing the job of not just helping to create a life, but actively shaping, providing for, teaching, encouraging, disciplining, and nurturing that life . Happy Father’s Day!


I have to confess, this was inspired by Jennifer Allen's upcoming series on Realtor Moms.

Being that the next major event after Easter is Mother's Day, it reminded me of a gripe that my pastor has been echoing for the last 20 years: On Mother's Day, you can't find a place that isn't jam packed to have dinner. On Father's Day - there are many places to choose from.

I know, I know - there are fathers who are not there, who give all of us a bum rap.

What about those of us, the millions of us who are doing exactly what we are supposed to be doing?

Fathers and Sons Being a dad is the #1 most important thing that I do. I have been there for all of my children's important firsts - first steps, first words, first teeth, you name it, and I’ve been there. Not only have I been there, but everything that I do outside of the house - from teaching, to real estate, to delivering newspapers at 3 am in the morning, to selling vacuum cleaners, to babysitting - all of it has been for the express purpose of doing what I have to do as a father - to provide for my home, my wife, and my children.

Is it hard? Yes, it sure is! And I am absolutely certain that every dad can attest to the same. So, how do WE do it?

First and foremost, I remind myself everyday that what I do is for my children.

Then I make sure that I take time with them, even in the midst of my busy schedule. And I sacrifice everything for them.

My son got sick - kept having ear infections. I took the day off from my job to bring him to the doctor. Not his mother, ME!!! I missed faculty meetings and listing appointments and showings to make sure that my son was ok. Would I do it again? In a heartbeat! It wouldn't be a second thought.

When my children wake up in the morning, I'm usually gone already. But when I get home, you should see the smile that lights up their faces, especially my little man Smiling at his daddy! - it is absolutely the best feeling in the world.

I am teaching my son what he needs to know - by my example and with my words - how to grow up to become a man, and as he gets older, I can teach him what being a father is really all about.

When I am working from my home office, when it is time for him to be fed or get his milk, I do it. When he needs to be changed, I do it. When it is time for him to be put to sleep, he is not a momma's boy - oh, no. He comes and gets Me! And what do I do? I turn off the monitor, turn out the lights, and I put my son to sleep.

I recently discovered, from my wife, that my son has an arm on him. Only 1 years and 4 months old, but has an arm on him, and I strongly suspect that he, like his older sister, is left handed (actually no, he’s right handed after all). So me, being the anti-sports guy that I am, decided instead of stifling his new-found interest, that I would encourage it. So, when I get home from work, what do I do? I find his toy balls (football, soccer ball, you name it, he's got it) and we toss it around for awhile. If we don't, he'll tell me "ball!" and I go and get it for him.

So how about it, fellas? Let's show the Mom Realtors how WE do it!

New to the post: I was reflecting on the importance of being a father for my son and daughter when I realized that I did not have any memories (or at least pleasant ones) of my father spending time with me. From taking my children to the park, to going to my daughter’s school events, to the almost bi-weekly ritual of father and son going to the barber shop for a haircut , I want to make sure that my children can say, “remember when Dad….” It is important for us as fathers to ensure that our children have the best possible memories of us that they can possibly have!


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Comment balloon 1 commentWilliam James Walton Sr. • June 21 2009 09:00PM


Dear William,


I hear you and I applaude you.  I too do not have the fond memories that you are obviously making for your children.  I think what you are doing is more significant than most government efforts.  I do not know you but I can say I am so proud of you.  It is also very obvious that this is a choice on your part backed up by a lot of wonderful action.  I just have to say that your post made my fathers day.  Your children are beautiful and they look very happy, a definite by product of a dads good works.  God bless you and keep you and yours in his care.




Posted by Sandy Reid about 11 years ago